Coffee Filter Machines

Andy Wardley abw at
Thu Jun 5 15:29:49 BST 2008

Minty wrote:
> It's perfect, other than you cannot pour from the jug

I threw a coffee machine out the window once.  It was so shit, so utterly,
utterly shit at absolutely anything even vaguely related to the preparation
of caffeine-based beverages that it just *had* to exit the building via the
shortest immediate route (I did open the window first - it wasn't *that*

You couldn't pour coffee without spilling it everywhere.  You couldn't fill
the damn machine without water going all over you, the machine, the worktop,
in fact everywhere except the tiny little hole where water was supposed to go,
which was apparently protected with an invisible hydrophobic force field (the
only thing on the machine that did work properly).  And you couldn't wash the
jug without cutting your hand on the sharp bits of plastic bolted to the
inside (which you couldn't remove because that would leave holes in the jug!)

Sorry, that's not much help, but I know your pain.

It's outside your specified budget, but if you want something that really
Just Works[tm] (and you've got the space), then you really need to be looking
under catering equipment.  I did a hefty stint with a Bravilor[*] once (first
picture).  Yeah, that was a good machine, we had some good times.... <sigh/>


[*] If light-hearted office mirth is your thing then you might want to
     consider purchasing a spare jug, on the off chance that you should pass
     a female colleague carrying both of them at the same time, allowing you to
     pass comment on her "Nice Jugs" without fear of reprisal, rebuke, or
     prosecution for sexual harassment (although IANAL so YMMV).  Fnnarr.

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