Coffee Filter Machines

Jonathan Peterson JPeterson at
Thu Jun 5 17:11:28 BST 2008

> - coffee **filter** machine

Arguable. Ish.

> - under 80-ish quid, delivered [1]


> - still available for purchase


> - tested under frequently/daily usage

Has so far made about 15,000 cups of coffee without any flaws. Yes, the 
coffee pod thingies are a bit expensive (but less so if you buy 
wholesale), and no you can't get exotic single estate coffee ground and 
roasted to your own private recipe.

But yes, it's quick and indestructable and makes very nice coffee that is 
somewhere between filter and espresso in strength, and does not result in 
people constantly thowing away half full jugs of tar-like stewed coffee.

> thermally lined jugs, digital timer features, etc.  Basic is better
> here, although a hot plate is essential.

It only has three buttons. But indeed, no hotplate.

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