Coffee Filter Machines

the hatter at
Thu Jun 5 17:21:59 BST 2008

On Thu, 5 Jun 2008, Jonathan Peterson wrote:

> Has so far made about 15,000 cups of coffee without any flaws. Yes, the
> coffee pod thingies are a bit expensive (but less so if you buy
> wholesale), and no you can't get exotic single estate coffee ground and
> roasted to your own private recipe.

Unless you buy one of the little cage thingies from ebay that allow you to
then undo the convenience the machine was designed to give/

> But yes, it's quick and indestructable and makes very nice coffee that is
> somewhere between filter and espresso in strength, and does not result in
> people constantly thowing away half full jugs of tar-like stewed coffee.

And a load of random other beverages for people who might not want coffee
24/7 (if you allow such people into your office).

the hatter

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