Coffee Filter Machines

A Smith asmith9983 at
Fri Jun 6 00:31:12 BST 2008

Is the ultimate contingency not a £5 kettle and jars of quality instant
coffee. Like most contingency plans you won't get the same performance but
you will be able to function.
One question I had. If your running coffee machines on a RAID5 basis, is it
not expensive as for one pot of coffee, you need to use at least three
machines and therefore three units of beans. Depending on the machine MTBF,
a RAID 0 solution may be sufficient, but like all real life systems, the
operating environment needs considered.  You also have to consider operator
Morrison supermarkets are another good source of these utility items, if you
don't like the Argos Soviet style of shopping( 1. Go to viewing area. 2. Go
to order area 3. Go to pay and wrap area). At least that was my experience
of St Petersburg shopping.

2008/6/5 Christopher Jones <c.jones at>:

> I confess to being a little ashamed to have to ask this of you good people,
>> but:
>> - coffee **filter** machine
>> - under 80-ish quid, delivered [1]
>> - still available for purchase
>> - tested under frequently/daily usage
>> recommendations?
>> We expressly don't want espresso, bean grinding, water filter,
>> thermally lined jugs, digital timer features, etc.  Basic is better
>> here, although a hot plate is essential.
>> [1] 10-20 quid would seem like it ought to be sufficient, but we'd
>> rather pay a little more and not get rubbish that doesn't last.
> Instead of spending £80 on one good-ish machine, why not spend £75 and buy
> 5 x £15 machines. Combine four of them in a kind of
> coffee-machine-equivalent of RAID5 to provide redundancy and increased
> performance, and keep the other as a "hot-spare". Alternatively, use one and
> just have the other four as "cold spares", tucked away in a cupboard
> somewhere, ready for action.
> Chris.

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