Coffee Filter Machines

Jacqui Caren Jacqui.caren at
Fri Jun 6 09:15:54 BST 2008

A Smith wrote:
> Morrison supermarkets are another good source of these utility items, if you
> don't like the Argos Soviet style of shopping( 1. Go to viewing area. 2. Go
> to order area 3. Go to pay and wrap area). At least that was my experience
> of St Petersburg shopping.

Aldi had quite a nice looking machine with a grinder built-in.
Just fill with beans set programme and "beep" - coffee in jug.

Best machine I ever owned was a Braun (thermal jug etc) which was easy 
to clean the jug never leaked and could be placed on the meeting table 
without the glass touching the table. Took it to work to replace the 
dead "UK plastic" machine and someone "cleaned" the filter and lost the 
stop seal.

However IMHO an office deserves a decent machine - I have been informed 
a 2 or 300UKP Gaggia or similar will out last most 'UK plastic' jobbies
- this comes from a couple of serious coffee freaks.

Jacqui - who is off coffee at the mo and has a brand new
"coffee station" staring accusingly at me from the kitchen.

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