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2008/6/6 Jacqui Caren <Jacqui.caren at>:
> A Smith wrote:
>> Morrison supermarkets are another good source of these utility items, if
>> you
>> don't like the Argos Soviet style of shopping( 1. Go to viewing area. 2.
>> Go
>> to order area 3. Go to pay and wrap area). At least that was my experience
>> of St Petersburg shopping.
> Aldi had quite a nice looking machine with a grinder built-in.
> Just fill with beans set programme and "beep" - coffee in jug.
> Best machine I ever owned was a Braun (thermal jug etc) which was easy to
> clean the jug never leaked and could be placed on the meeting table without
> the glass touching the table. Took it to work to replace the dead "UK
> plastic" machine and someone "cleaned" the filter and lost the stop seal.
> However IMHO an office deserves a decent machine - I have been informed a 2
> or 300UKP Gaggia or similar will out last most 'UK plastic' jobbies
> - this comes from a couple of serious coffee freaks.

>From the underscore mailing list where Matt Hamilton asked a very
similar question but was looking at "proper espresso" type machines :

"Well in the end I have just ordered a Jura C5, so will see in the
next few days.  My sister has the bigger brother to that, the Z5 at
her coffee shop and it seems to be pretty good.  I gave the people at a call and chatted to them, and their advice
was the Jura was suited better to an office than the Gaggia ones as
it is more robust and easier to clean.

There is another model, the F9 which has internet connectivity!  Had
we got that, we could have pre-selected our coffee before even
leaving our desks!"

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