Hyde Park madness

Jody Belka lists-lpm at pimb.org
Fri Jun 27 17:28:50 BST 2008

Okay, as some of you may already be aware, I'm going to be doing a 10k run
around Hyde Park in just under a months time. Really looking forward to it,
and have done the distance (and further) several times in training already,
so should be fun.

Now, I'm running in aid of Sue Ryder Care, and any donations people might be
willing to give would be gratefully received. I've set up a justgiving page,
which makes it very easy to help out, although I'll accept cash if need be:


Oh, and Greg (who's stated that he's all for me collecting here on l.pm btw),
has promised £10 of sponsorship if I pester him about it. I'm sure I'll need
to do so in person, probably at a social, but if anyone wants to help out on
that front feel free ;)

Jody Belka
knew (at) pimb (dot) org

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