adsl experiences request

Martin A. Brooks martin at
Sun Jun 29 15:32:22 BST 2008

Jody Belka wrote:
> I currently have my adsl with Eclipse. However, my connection is often
> quite slow nowadays, compared to in the past, and in general the service
> just doesn't seem to be what it once was. So I'm looking around to see
> what else is out there.
> I've found a couple of places that don't look too bad. The first is Be,
> and the second is Nildram. However, as most people on here are probably aware,
> Nildram is owned by Tiscali now, so I'm a bit wary. So I thought I'd ask for
> opinions from anyone with any actual recent experience with either service.

Not an answer to the question you really asked, but I recommend Zen, 
they're not cheap.

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