Happy Birthday!

IvorW heno-fijw at xemaps.com
Thu Jul 17 11:31:04 BST 2008

Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
> On 17 Jul 2008, at 07:22, IvorW wrote:
>> James Laver wrote:
>>> Perhaps we could have an anniversary beer brewed?
>>> Surely this is something meaningful to london.pm
>>> As for practicalities, not so sure on that one...
>> It would take about a fortnight to ferment (and secondary ferment) an
>> ale. A lager would take longer - over a month.
>> We'd also need to agree on the branding, packaging, etc. who would brew
>> it and the recipe. We could of course brew the beer ourselves; I don't
>> have the facilities or the time, but I would be willing to advise anyone
>> wanting to take this on.
>> In conclusion: we're a bit late to do this, though it's still possible
>> if someone jumps on the case.
>> Ivor (who misses Mr. Bung the Brewer of Acton).
> Or just get a brewery to slap our label on their bottles...

This could work well with one of the small brewers like Pitfields - get
them to take an interest in the project.

They'd probably want us to buy up all the beer bottled in that way, but
that shouldn't present too much of a problem for London.pm. :)

We could use the "Programming Republic of London" artwork that was our
t-shirt design. I think that would look quite good as a beer label.

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