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Christopher Jones c.jones at
Sat Aug 9 00:37:33 BST 2008

On 8 Aug 2008, at 23:19, Greg McCarroll wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 08, 2008 at 09:13:13PM +0100, Christopher Jones wrote:
>> holidays I could make the big event. Then, very late on Wednesday
>> night my car broke down in the wilds of Northants and with all the
>> hassle from that I ended up missing it.
>> So I'll probably have to wait until the next Summer holidays for the
>> chance to come along to another social, and who knows how long before
>> you have another party like that.
>> So please, if you have any pity, stop tormenting me with all the  
>> photos!
> Would you like us to have an emergency social two weeks after the next
> social on a night of your choosing, and we can recreate some of the
> experience for you?
> G.

That sounds a bit like "the Thursday after the first Wednesday of the  


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