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Greg McCarroll greg at
Sat Aug 9 00:50:59 BST 2008

On Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 12:37:33AM +0100, Christopher Jones wrote:
> >
> >Would you like us to have an emergency social two weeks after the next
> >social on a night of your choosing, and we can recreate some of the
> >experience for you?
> >
> >G.
> That sounds a bit like "the Thursday after the first Wednesday of the  
> Month"!

It's basically, you can choose any day between 11 (14-3) and 15 days
after the next social (but please don't choose the friday, i like to
spend that evening with my wife) and have your own special emergency
social meeting.

Never say we are not accomodating or indeed not willing to go to the
pub another night during the month ;-)


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