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Sat Aug 9 01:09:34 BST 2008

>>>>> "GM" == Greg McCarroll <greg at> writes:

  GM> On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 10:15:34AM +0100, Karen Pauley wrote:
  >> I think Marty did do the auction at one of YAPCs in the past but he
  >> won't be attending this conference.  We are living in Japan and he can't
  >> get the time out of work to attend.  

  GM> ( It'll be fine, 1 of 2(+/-1) things will happen,

  GM>   i.   they'll get a new auctioneer

i will volunteer if somehow i can get a free trip to copenhagen! :)

i do have the experience as i have done the auctions for the last 5+
YAPC::NA's and also several oscons (but those have been not fun

  GM>   ii.  they'll dismiss the idea of an auctioneer as an outdated overly
  GM>        centralised method of selling, put up a list of stuff and invite
  GM>        people to bid on a reserve price for it during the first half of
  GM>        the conference, it's then up to them to sell items privately
  GM>        during the second half of the conference to someone else for a
  GM>        higher value or pay their own reserve price, the person making the
  GM>        most profit (from the differential, and to be clear the profit
  GM>        is for YAPC) wins some fabulous prize. auction 2.0!

yapc::na always does a large chunk as a silent auction. it gets boring
selling lots of shirts and books which aren't perl or
interesting. whereas the fun items (electronics, dinners with celebs,
colors of web sites, etc.) need to have a live auction.

  GM>   iii. something else will happen.

that is always possible.


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