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Christopher Jones c.jones at
Sat Aug 9 22:55:19 BST 2008

On 9 Aug 2008, at 21:12, muppet wrote:

> I do wish you'd listen, *splice* Chris *splice*. It's perfectly  
> simple. If you're not getting your hair cut, you don't have to move  
> your brother's clothes down to the lower peg. You simply collect his  
> note before lunch, after you've done your scripture prep, when  
> you've written your letter home, before rest, move your own clothes  
> onto the lower peg, greet the visitors, and report to Mr. *splice*  
> McCarroll *splice* that you've had your chit signed.

Some curly brackets and indentation would help debug that paragraph....

I tried perlifying it, but gave up when I remembered I don't have a  

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