[job advert] looking for a perl person to write a web control panel

Chris Jack chris_jack at msn.com
Mon Sep 1 10:52:23 BST 2008

Greg McCarroll wrote:
> I personally reckon he'll get a taker, and I'm not sure either of them
> will be fully satisfied, but thats ok. And of course you can always
> suggest to Martin you'll do it for more as a counter offer.
 > What's maybe more interesting is the value/cost people put on fixed
> term work vs. contracting and of course the value people put on a
> really good job (and what that means) and a shoddy job
And also the question of the degree to which technical acumen correlates with business acumen - and the client's ability to assess both. First contract I ever took - the agency got 30% of what I got - because I didn't know enough to know to ask or what was reasonable. And I got off relatively lightly. I met another contractor who's agent took 100%. He quit the day he found out and they were pretty much "whatever" in their attitude.
I have a rule about never taking fixed price contracts on unless the spec is pretty much nailed. Rumour is Ross Perot made his billions on change requests...
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