Getting my TODO list down

Nicholas Clark nick at
Wed Sep 3 20:16:52 BST 2008

I'm trying to get my TODO list TODOne. One thing I realise I haven't done that
I said I'd done is:

Lyle Hopkins has a new project. The itch he finds he needs to scratch is
addressing problems in installing modules from CPAN in environments currently
hostile to it. To quote:

    With a desktop version and an open source Web server version that
    companies like cPanel and Plesk could use I really think it could become
    the platform for Perl module installation. Giving an easy to use, common
    interface for everyone from the cheapest budget hosting, to the most
    expensive dedicated servers.

More details here:

I should be clear that this isn't my itch, and I'm already too busy dealing
with other itches, so I'm only passing this on.

(Meanwhile, I have bumped off an itch - improving the efficiency and reporting
of parallel testing in Test::Harness. Although, of course Andy's not been able
to release it yet because in turn it needs a new release of Module::Build.
The latter parses the test output, and independent of my changes, the test
output has changed.

In turn, getting this to work spawned another itch, the one I was hacking on
during YAPC::EU - getting Devel::NYTProf to compress its profile files, so
that they don't fill my disk. Not yet released either, but now Tim's back from
holiday it's looking promising.

Devel::NYTProf is very nice. If you've not seen it, example output at   )

Nicholas Clark

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