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Thu Sep 4 09:29:26 BST 2008

On 2008-09-03 22:13, "Paul Makepeace" <paulm at> wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 8:56 PM, Jonathan Stowe <jns at> wrote:

>> Why does Lyle want the whole perl world to get behind his idea when it
>> seems that it is only to be of benefit to his stupid broken business
>> model and not really all that much benefit to anyone else.  Everyone
>> else realised years ago that trying to do anything more than trivial on
>> cheap shared hosting is pointless.
> Yeah, that PHP thing - that'll never work.

At the outcome techmeet I presented a speech on what Perl can learn
from PHP (yes, there are some things), and one of the things we
discussed is that Perl + shared hosting is something of a no-go area
(okay, we have plain old CGI, but that isn't exactly the height of

We need more people in the community and making Perl work better with
shared hosting is one way to do that - it puts us on a level playing
field with PHP.

Whether Lyle's little plan will work (IMO, no) is another matter, the
fact is that something needs to be done about shared hosting. As it
happens, CPanel happens to do something similar already. As someone
discussed at the techmeet, the best approach is actually to mimic
mod_php's behaviour with regard to scripts, to merely work as cgi but
somewhat faster.

So it is important to support shared hosting. You're never going to
create the best setup that way, but you can create something that is
better than php. The advantages of PHP to people who need them,
combined with Perl.

>> Trying to get a whole bunch of people
>> to do something so one guy can sell more stuff to his marks is totally
>> wrong.

Oh there's no question of that. If he needs it, he can do it himself.

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