Mobiles and macs

Adam Witney awitney at
Thu Sep 11 09:06:47 BST 2008

On 11 Sep 2008, at 08:08, IvorW wrote:

> My sister is a mac user (a relatively recent convert), running her own
> business. She is reviewing her current mobile phone contract and  
> model.
> Ideally she wants a phone that can sync her diary and contacts from  
> the
> mac, but all the models she has found seem to be geared towards  
> Windoze
> lookout. She wants to be mobile with full email and calendar  
> facilities.
> Can anybody recommend a solution? Even the helpful guy in the Apple  
> shop
> was struggling with this one.

I had a Vario II for a while, which worked great (apart from the  
size!) and you can get the mac syncing stuff from

I regularly used it as a bluetooth modem also (despite T-mobile  
telling me it won't work with a Mac! ;-)

I now have a Nokia E51 which does all of the above (Nokia has a mac  
download from their site for syncing photos/music/files). And it looks  
nice and thin also! :-)



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