Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Mon Sep 15 10:57:04 BST 2008

w.clements at wrote:
> Hi Perl Mongers,
> I seek your help. I am unhappy with my current isp. I bought the
> webspace years back when I new little of Perl. (I am still not that
> good a coder - but I try...)
> Does anyone know of a good isp that has most Perl modules installed and
> is reliable and does not make changes too frequently without bothering
> to tell anyone? If so I'd value the advice greatly.

I'd go for Andy's generous offer, but if you *do* fancy a VM based 
solution I recently got an VPS here at BitFolk, who seem to be very nice 
people indeed. (it's a small shop, I'm pretty sure that's why the 
service is pleasant and clued-up)

IRC - #bitfolk

If you do decide it's a good idea let them know I sent you and they give 
me or Debian some cash - VPS name : otter


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