LPW 2008::Call for Sponsors

Mark Keating mdk at shadowcatsystems.co.uk
Sat Sep 20 10:50:56 BST 2008

To all the great and good in the land...

The 2008 London Perl Workshop, to be held on the 29th November at 
Westminster University's New Cavendish Campus, is once more calling for 

Why Sponsor?
The London Perl Workshop is a free event in which members of the Perl 
community can come together and enjoy a great selection of talks, a 
cacophony of advice from various luminaries and an atmosphere of 
tranquility(1) for gentle, and often bearded, folk. This is your chance 
to show yourselves to that captive audience(2), to embrace them(3), or 
just to remind them that you continue in your support of this wide and 
diverse community.

What can I sponsor?
What have you got?
Sponsorship of the LPW is a free choice. As is the manner of your 
sponsorship. For more ideas please talk to Mark Keating, email to 

What do we offer?
1. Text and link on the sponsors page (you to supply);
2. Thank-you in the closing address;
3. Ten minute slot to discuss yourselves if wanted (tbc);
4. Full page on the workshop wiki to fill with whatever you like :) ;
5. The chance to promote yourselves as connected to the London (and 
wider) Perl community;
6. A lot of love and respect from the organisers and attendees.

Thanks for reading.

Mark Keating
(Workshop Organiser)

(1) Okay maybe not tranquility, in fact definitely not tranquility as 
there are too many Daves per square mile for that.
(2) Cages can be supplied.
(3) No physical contact required, though this can be arranged if 
requested with a suitably lubricated Greg.

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