Apple service providers

Martin A. Brooks martin at
Tue Oct 7 16:40:25 BST 2008

Simon Wilcox wrote:
> Anyone have recommendations/horror stories to share ?

As the person who handled all of Fotango's apple problems, we used on the basis they were closest to the 
office.  The service was, imo, appaling, but apparently that's par for 
the course for AppleCare, where it's okay for you to be without your 
computer for a couple of weeks.

> Simon.
> [1] hard disk died right in the middle of using it. Should be a fairly 
> simple job to swap it out and install the OS but I'd quite like the 
> disk back as there's some data I might want to get off it.

That puts you into the realm of "complicated",  I would be interested to 
hear how you get on.

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