Perl's lack of 'in' keyword

Iain Barnett iainspeed at
Tue Oct 7 18:28:32 BST 2008

On 7 Oct 2008, at 6:00 pm, Andy Armstrong wrote:

> On 7 Oct 2008, at 17:50, Iain Barnett wrote:
>>> Why wait for Perl 6? Perl 5 has had it for almost a year now. It's
>>> spelled ~~ though.
>> Is there some reason why -- was picked over 'in' ? It just seems  
>> to pander to those who think perl reads like line noise.
> It's ~~ not -- and it's not just in - it's a general purpose  
> adaptive match whose semantics are determined by the things being  
> matched.

Excuse my bleary eyes and my font.

> And (meta) who cares about people who think that Perl reads like  
> line noise. Should the language bend to the preferences of those  
> who dislike it?

With that attitude it's a wonder why anyone picks languages other  
than perl.


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