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Wed Oct 8 14:21:02 BST 2008

On 8 Oct 2008, at 13:25, David Cantrell wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 02:56:35AM -0700, ben at wrote:
>> You're seriously expecting this to have some resale value?
> Given the number of crazy people who shouted at me for paying  
> someone to
> put some memory in my new machine, saying that I should have done it
> myself to save an insignificant number of pennies, I was sure that one
> of them would want a broken machine on the cheap that they could  
> waste a
> great many hours fixing.

I shouted at you because it really is so easy. Even I did it.

And the dodgy screen thing is pretty damn unfixable. I've had
two old powerbooks epically fail on that.

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