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Andy Armstrong andy at
Fri Oct 10 12:25:47 BST 2008

On 10 Oct 2008, at 10:24, Peter Haworth wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Oct 2008 17:40:54 +0100, Andy Armstrong wrote:
>> I've twice swapped the drive on dead Mac laptops for a non-Apple
>> ones prior to sending them for repair. In both cases I kept the
>> original disk, chucked in whatever compatible laptop drive was lying
>> around, installed Mac OS on the new disk and sent it for repair. In
>> both cases I told them what I'd done. They didn't complain and it
>> didn't affect the warranty.
> Why bother putting a replacement in? When I sent my wife's PC to Dell
> for repair, they actually suggested that I remove the disk first. This
> was to avoid the embarrassment of accidental data loss during overly
> zealous trouble shooting.

The first machine was properly dead - wouldn't power up. The insurance  
company were arranging the repair or replacement and the chain of  
command to the repair company was a bit unwieldy - so I stuck a crummy  
old drive in when I removed the drive I wanted to keep to avoid lots  
of debate about why I'd shipped them a machine with no HD.

The second one would still power up but had no onboard video. I could  
still ssh and vnc to it. I put a drive with Mac OS on it in that one  
so I could demonstrate the fault to the repairer who - on the phone -  
didn't seem able to comprehend the concept of being able to use screen  
sharing to see what would have been on the screen had it worked.

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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