Pub for tomorrow?

Jonathan Stowe jns at
Mon Dec 1 07:24:18 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-11-28 at 17:06 +0000, Kake L Pugh wrote:
> On Fri 28 Nov 2008, James Laver <james.laver at> wrote:
> > Beer is dark and foamy and good, not light, fizzy and 'superchilled'.
> Speaking of beer... it's the season for Fuller's London Porter!
> Although this is available in bottles all year round, the bottled
> version's not a patch on the cask version.  Some of us had it from the
> cask at the George IV in Chiswick last night, and it's also been
> recently sighted at the Mad Hatter just south of Blackfriars Bridge
> and at the Red Lion in Ealing.
> It's also apparently very nearly the season for Shepherd Neame
> Original Porter, which I believe is available from 1 December until
> February - if anyone sees it, do let me know.

Also Adnam's Yuletide, Old Ale and Tally Ho ....


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