Pub for tomorrow?

Dirk Koopman djk at
Mon Dec 1 13:40:56 GMT 2008

Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> James Laver wrote:
>> I don't believe I've ever seen you drink beer, Martin.
>> Beer is dark and foamy and good, not light, fizzy and 'superchilled'.
>> Unless you think conditions outside count as 'summer', and looking out
>> of a window in the City, I can't agree...
> That's because I mostly don't drink beer.  If I wanted to toss sour, 
> astringic liquid down my throat, I'd do it properly and suck on a 
> lemon.  There's a few exceptions, like double chocolate stout, and 
> banana bread beer, and waggle dance, but mostly it just tastes like what 
> you get if you pour warm water and a dash of fairy liquid into a 
> recently used and, not yet washed, roasting tin, then swill it around, 
> sieve, pour and serve.

Sadly any of these beers give me gout. So it is either red wine or 
decent (genuine) german lager for me these days.



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