Perl is dead

Hakim Cassimally hakim.cassimally at
Thu Dec 4 12:41:20 GMT 2008

2008/12/4 Philippe Bruhat (BooK) <philippe.bruhat at>:
> On Thu, Dec 04, 2008 at 08:45:02AM +0000, David Dorward wrote:
>> Léon Brocard wrote:
>>> Did anyone go to the London Perl Workshop this weekend?
>>> About 200.
> Aren't most Perl events (more than 20 worldwide in 2008, more than
> 10 already announced for 2009) only reaching people *within* the Perl
> community?
> "Not dying" also means reaching new and young programmers that will
> continue to use Perl when we live on pension.
> How do we reach people outside the community after having spent so much
> time talking to ourselves?

The LPW did have a tutorial track: I believe that was targeted firstly
at the students of the host university?

Similarly the Italian Perl workshop had a "beginner" track which had
tutorials and general interest talks, all in Italian, distinguished
from the expert track, which included some talks in English.  I think
the approach worked - certainly I think the first-time attendees
outside the perl community were in the majority.  Getting "new blood"
seems to have been an explicit goal for the workshop, and seems to
have worked very well.


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