Perl is dead

Léon Brocard acme at
Fri Dec 5 07:51:44 GMT 2008

2008/12/5 Jonathan Stowe <jns at>:

> There are plenty of people here who will remember "Perl 5 Enterprise
> Edition" and what a great success it was at achieving almost the same
> aims.

Good morning. This is your leader speaking. I'm calling this thread
dead - it has served no practical purpose other to annoy me.

If you think something is missing, please create it. If you think
something is broken, please fix it. Just stop telling us what we
should do. A lot of us are already volunteering our time to do things
that you don't know needs fixing. The whole point of an open source
community is that the community is decentralised and anyone is able to
do anything at any time. Actions speak larger than words. The early
bird gets the worm. Never eat shredded wheat.

Thank you, Léon

ps if you do care strongly about something, you can create a seperate
thread. or use the appropriate mailing list. ta.

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