Perl is dead

Michele Beltrame mb at
Fri Dec 5 08:27:05 GMT 2008

Hi breno!

> Like embperl?

Yes, exactly like this, plus the smoothing of some of the edges. Along
with the bundles you were talking about (CPAN-Standard, ...) this could
provide the fast way to setup an Apache-based environment where user can
just "upload they're pages with some Perl within and go" (like they do
with PHP).

This solutions might attract web designers, newbie programmers: a whole
segment that Perl completely failed to attract since PHP rise in 1997 or so. 
Eventually some of those programmers will need to create bigger
applications, so switch to Catalyst or so, but they would tend to stay
in the Perl world as they *already know Perl* (and they like it,
hopefully :-)). What do we need to get to this, proper marketing (as

On the other hand, pushing this solution will lead to a lot of projects
with fucked up code and security problems because it was developed by
folks who don't actually know how to properly do that - exactly like it
happens for PHP. But that's how it goes, I guess. :-)


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