Perl is dead

Sebastian Riedel sri-lists at
Fri Dec 5 13:05:18 GMT 2008

>> Like embperl?
> Yes, exactly like this, plus the smoothing of some of the edges. Along
> with the bundles you were talking about (CPAN-Standard, ...) this  
> could
> provide the fast way to setup an Apache-based environment where user  
> can
> just "upload they're pages with some Perl within and go" (like they do
> with PHP).
> This solutions might attract web designers, newbie programmers: a  
> whole
> segment that Perl completely failed to attract since PHP rise in  
> 1997 or so.
> Eventually some of those programmers will need to create bigger
> applications, so switch to Catalyst or so, but they would tend to stay
> in the Perl world as they *already know Perl* (and they like it,
> hopefully :-)). What do we need to get to this, proper marketing (as
> usual)?
> On the other hand, pushing this solution will lead to a lot of  
> projects
> with fucked up code and security problems because it was developed by
> folks who don't actually know how to properly do that - exactly like  
> it
> happens for PHP. But that's how it goes, I guess. :-)

A simplified version of Mojolicious might be a good solution for this.

Sebastian Riedel

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