Perl is Alive! (Dispatch war rocket AJAX...)

Nigel Hamilton nigel at
Wed Dec 10 10:16:33 GMT 2008

> TPF have never owned the domain "" - but they have always had a
>> right to own it. The TPF and the community have a right to "get the
>> goodwill
>> back".
>> Tom has never been the owner of the goodwill and trademarks associated
>> with
>> Perl.
> Tom Christiansen was one of the figureheads of the Perl community long
> before
> TPF existed.  In particular, he was responsible for much of the core
> documentation and, of course, the camel book.

Fantastic. You've made lots of contributions too. Lots of people have made
contributions freely and generously. Not to mention Larry's contribution!
The goodwill in Perl should be the community's asset.

> In my mind, that makes him very much an owner of the goodwill associated
> with
> Perl, if not the legal trademark.

Well I'm glad that this is only the situation in your mind. Because in the
real world The Perl Foundation owns the trademark and they hold it for the
benefit of the community - Tom does not own the goodwill in Perl.


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