Perl success stories

Simon Wilcox essuu at
Thu Dec 18 11:23:05 GMT 2008

Dave Cross wrote:
> Denny wrote:
>> Inspired by this month's discussions about Perl community websites, we*
>> have started Yet Another Perl Website.
> Sounds like a similar idea to

I guess it is.

/me goes looking.

I feel a bit deflated that we've done a load of work that is in essence 
duplicating this work but it does highlight the problem of a lack of 
visibility in fragmented projects.

proudtouseperl isn't a site that a manager or other person deciding 
about perl is likely to come across. We need a success site that is very 
visible, linked from and high up on the search rankings.

I don't really mind how that happens, do we work to push up 
proudtouseperl or do we push on with ours ?


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