It Shines! It Shines!

Andy Wardley abw at
Thu Dec 18 16:33:47 GMT 2008

James Laver wrote:
> Quick investigation with firebug tells me that firefox thinks the
> background the text is on is some darkish orange/brown so it chose a
> nice white background to help it stand out... I assume it's some
> bizarre div stacking bug.

Hmm... it appears to work OK for me on FF (3.0.4 Mac)

I've explicitly added a white background to the #body div on top to see if
that helps.  But I'm playing blind here so you'll need to be my eyes.

> Oh, and it works fine for me without the fix in IE7, I assume IE6 is
> equally ignorant of CSS standards in this respect.

I must admit, I've only just looked at the site for the first time on IE6 and
IE7 (sorry, I was too busy punching myself in the face to get around to it :-)

Imagine my great surprise and considerable relief to see that it looked OK 
(apart from a minor wrap-around issue in the menu bar, which is now fixed).

I mean, I like to think I know a bit about browser friendly markup, but
really, that's unheard of!  I can only assume that somewhere else in the
world, a number of cute and fluffy kittens were put to death in rather
unpleasant circumstances in order to balance the karma in the universe.

Happy days!  Unless you're a fluffy kitten, of course.


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