Sample answers to Christmas Quiz

Simon Cozens simon at
Fri Dec 19 08:52:44 GMT 2008

David Alban wrote:
>> 4) How many different variable types are there in Perl? Be as sensibly voluminous in your answer as you are > able.
> i would have said only two:  scalar and list, since arrays and hashes
> are both lists.

The question was about variable types, not value types. (The horror.)

In terms of variables, you can start very simply just by looking at the
sigils: $ and @ and % makes three without much effort, and then you can
get a bit more complex and add * and & (what do you mean a subroutine's
not a variable?) for at least another two, then you've got the
invisible-sigil variable types - file handles and directory handles -
and I think by then the interviewer will have got the point.


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