Mobile broadband

Robert Shiels robert at
Fri Dec 19 12:33:27 GMT 2008

Denny wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-12-19 at 11:53 +0000, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
>> 2008/12/19 Simon Wilcox <essuu at>:
>>> I have a t-mobile dongle thing which is OK but they have a trans-proxy on
>>> the web interface which compresses images and inserts javascript into the
>>> page to allow you to click them for the full resolution.
> You wouldn't normally be using a mobile broadband dongle to access
> mobile websites.  They're generally aimed at people browsing directly
> from mobile devices, rather than people using a mobile connection with a
> full-fat device.

I'm probably going to have to do some on-call work, and will likely get 
a dongle thing so that I can connect from my laptop to the office VPN 
when I'm out and about. Is this javascript thing something that might 
screw up my chances of a working connection?

I too seriously wonder about the crapness of our internet - I only get 
1.5 megabit download at my house with the wired broadband, and that's 
not likely to change anytime soon. Can I have wimax or whatever now please?


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