Mobile broadband

Martin Robertson mansionhouseprojects at
Tue Dec 23 14:56:27 GMT 2008

i recently bounced from o2 to t-mobile.

o2 charge at 20p/meg over your monthly limit.
t-mobile have a fair usage policy.

hth, mart.

2008/12/19 Simon Cozens <simon at>:
> I'm coming back to the UK in January and will be moving around a lot
> until we buy a house in May. Some of the places we'll be going won't
> have Internet access and I think I'll need it to work, (anyone know of
> any telecommute Perl contracts then, please let me know...) so I'm
> thinking about getting a mobile broadband thingy, partially for working
> on the move and partially to avoid starting and stopping lots of DSL
> contracts. Does this make sense?
> Anyone got any experience of mobile broadband providers? Any good ones,
> good deals, horror stories, don't-use-this-if-you-have-a-Mac stories,
> etc.?
> Simon

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