My New Job (Was: Social Thurs 8 Jan 2009)

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Mon Jan 5 14:13:48 GMT 2009

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 1:53 PM, David Dorward <david at> wrote:

> Peter Corlett wrote:
>> I *strongly* suggest you look for a different route. TfL's route planner
>> comes up with sensible routings once you disable busses. (When enabled, it
>> seems to prefer to route people via bus where possible, presumably for
>> traffic engineering or revenue maximisation reasons.)
> The alternatives would be, IIRC, to take the N. Line to TCR then change to
> the central line, or to take the Jubilee from Waterloo and get to the
> central line from there. (Target: Notting Hill Gate).

Get a bicycle or a scooter. Do your level best in the meantime to ignore any
commentary from anyone who hasn't actually ridden in London.

P, one minor accident in six years; 6,000+miles covered; god knows how much
time saved

> --
> David Dorward

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