My New Job (Was: Social Thurs 8 Jan 2009)

Robert Shiels robert at
Mon Jan 5 15:07:44 GMT 2009

Paul Makepeace wrote:
 > Cool. As a two-time Strida owner I can assure you they are most
 > certainly _not_ "gimmick" bikes, esp. considering they've won a whole
 > bunch of folding competitions beating Bromptons for folding speed

I would love to have a go on a Strida so that I could give an opinion - 
they don't look quite sturdy enough to me. I rode 10 miles a day for 2 
years on a Brompton before it was so knackered it needed a real service, 
and heartily recommend them. They have a great resale value too - a 
friend just sold his on ebay for more than he paid for it.


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