My New Job (Was: Social Thurs 8 Jan 2009)

Peter Corlett abuse at
Tue Jan 6 15:17:02 GMT 2009

On 6 Jan 2009, at 10:06, Jasper wrote:
> I meant the ones who, in their 50m long bendy buses, drive past you
> and then cut right over, forcing you a) onto the pavement, and b) to
> catch up and get onto the bus threatening to drag them off physically
> and beat them to a pulp.

If the driver is being sufficiently a bastard, pop round the back of  
his bus and lift the engine hatch an inch or pull the fireman's  
switch. This will stop them driving off again until the driver has  
reset it. Obviously only save this for those who *really* deserve it.

> I agree with all the overtaking talk, but with cycle 'lanes' appearing
> and disappearing like the Tardis at take-off, it's not sensible to
> start weaving all over the road.

Cycle lanes are occasionally actively dangerous, so I tend to ignore  
them unless there is an obvious benefit of using a particular one.  
Cyclists are pretty much entitled to use any road that it is sane to  
cycle on unless a specific exclusion has been posted.

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