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> From: Philippe Bruhat (BooK) <philippe.bruhat at free.fr>

> Where do we learn about that? Are there some OO tutorials planned at the
> next YAPC?
> Every time I write a new CPAN module, I first have to decide on how I'm
> going to do OO this time.

Rather than focusing on advanced tools and modules, I'd focus on advanced techniques.  This is because tools change and while it's important to learn them, good style doesn't change nearly as frequently and is important for the programmer to learn.

> Really, if someone plans to talk for 3 hours about good OO in Perl, in
> one of the next conferences I attend[1], I'll be sitting in the front row.
>                                     (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #32 (Epic))

This piques my curiosity.  I should probably start writing some stuff up.

Incidentally, such a talk about be about "good OO" and Perl would merely be the example language.  If I get some tuits, I'll start writing something up.

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