Dim sum Thursday 1pm: Leong's Legend peter at
Wed Feb 18 23:59:02 GMT 2009

Quoting Barbie <barbie at>:

>> > Leon's still out of town; I'm coming into town for the tech meet and
>> > thought perhaps some Dim Sum might be in order. I quite liked Leong's
>> > Legend so thought it might good to eat there again.
> That would be good, make it easier for 2 northerners (well 1 northerner
> and 1 midlander) find you folks, as JJ and myself are planning to attend
> our very first Dim Sum :)

OMGLOLWTF(?:[A-Z]{3})+ in that case I may have to venture into  
Londinium Centralis to share in Tasty Treats[1].

Nomity nom, Peter
1. Vegetarian = poor man's selection of cabbage, rice and vague lumpy bits

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