Measuring power

Mark Blackman mark at
Wed Apr 29 09:52:18 BST 2009

On 29 Apr 2009, at 09:42, Andrew Beattie wrote:

> So, I got a clamp meter.  But contrary to my expectation, that only  
> works if I can separate the individual wires in the power cable -  
> not an option.
> So, I'm stuck.  Is there any non-intrusive way to measure the power  
> consumption of my servers?

If you can't separate the conductors, no not really. There are some very
expensive power distribution units that will provide per port current
usage, but that's still involves pulling plugs for existing serveres.

If you can at least power down the units briefly, you could insert a
short stretch of cable with separated conductors.

Your other option would be to lay hands on a similar server and test it
inline if you need general rather than specific measurements.

Most "normal" servers pull between .5 and .7 amps in my experience if
that helps. :)

- Mark

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