Best practice for releasing Perl modules to staging and live

Dave Cross dave at
Tue May 19 14:19:20 BST 2009

Minty wrote:
> On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 4:29 PM, Dave Cross <dave at> wrote:
>> There will, of course, be a (hopefully far smaller) set of modules that
>> aren't already packaged for your distribution. Once you've built those
>> packages, you could consider sharing them with the rest of the world.
> Although once you start playing with Moose, Catalyst (and hit the
> repeated .. "ahh, you're not using the latest version ... upgrade!")
> it's suprisingly easy to hit something that isn't in the latest Ubuntu
> dists.  CPAN::Mini::Webserver also has a bucket load of deps that
> Ubuntu jaunty can't meet out of the box.

[ snip ]

My experience is in the Fedora/Centos world but, yes, it's easy to find 
things that are either a) missing or b) not the right version.

I'm doing my bit tho' -



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