[ANNOUNCE] Technical meeting: An evening of dynamic languages

raph@mankin.org.uk raph at mankin.org.uk
Tue May 19 17:06:55 BST 2009

> Léon Brocard wrote:
>> It's not very clear, but you need to sign up as a non-BCS member at
>> the following URL first:
>>   https://wam.bcs.org/wam/RegisterNM.exe
> Not much of an advert for the BCS, is it? Dumb form tells me address
> line 1 is a required field, then won't allow me to type into it. I guess
> the clue is in the '.exe'. Or it may be in the scattered bits of php and
> javascript...
> Anyone else get past this (this is firefox 3.0.10)?
> Graham
I just looked at it, considered it overly intrusive, and fired off an
email of complaint to the BCS. Why are they asking for all this info? We
are only wanting to attend a supposedly *public* meeting.

I shall therefore not be at the meeting.

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