[ANNOUNCE] Technical meeting: An evening of dynamic languages

Graham Seaman graham at theseamans.net
Tue May 19 18:25:33 BST 2009

raph at mankin.org.uk wrote:
> I just looked at it, considered it overly intrusive, and fired off an
> email of complaint to the BCS. Why are they asking for all this info? We
> are only wanting to attend a supposedly *public* meeting.
> I shall therefore not be at the meeting.

I follow the 'contact us' link to report a web problem, and ended up 
with a reply from a lady in BCS customer services  who says I have to 
give them my phone number so they can ring me before I can be registered 
for  the meeting.  I have the impression they must be very concerned 
with physical security, and want anyone in their building to be 
traceable. Why, I have no idea. Are they a likely target for aggrieved 
clients of software companies?


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