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Wed May 20 15:35:07 BST 2009

On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 3:24 PM,  <peter at> wrote:
> Quoting David Cantrell <david at>:
>> When I return to Auntie's breast next month I'll be taking the stupidly
>> named "London Overground" to Shepherds Bush then changing onto the
>> Central Line for one stop to White City.  It's a quick n easy change.
> That is quite a fast way of getting there and I used to sometimes do the
> reverse if I left it a bit late to walk down to the Overground station on
> the way home.
> Another ploy is to cross the road from Shepherds Bush station and take the
> first bus that comes along up to Shepherds Bush bus station (on the other
> side of Westfield Shopping Centre) and walk the rest of the way. That cuts
> out half the journey.

I cut my beeb commute by half (quarter if you include money) by using
a scooter. YMMV tho...


> Regards, Peter

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