Anniversary Beer

James Laver james.laver at
Fri Jun 12 09:31:50 BST 2009

Okay, I'm going to get around to ordering anniversary beer as soon as  
I come up with a venue for next month's social.

If you asked for some, you should have received an email from me  
confirming your order. If you didn't, you forgot to email me or I've  
misplaced it (I searched my mailbox for 'anniversary beer') and  
forgotten that you ordered it off-list.

If you want some and you haven't got a confirmation, you MUST reply  
today as I'll be doing the ordering tomorrow.

Cases are of 12. If you have any number of complete cases, you get to  
choose which beer you want for them. Please write to me off-list  
indicating which of the bottle conditioned beers from 
  you'd like (or those of you who've ordered multiple cases get  
multiple choices)

If you have a half-case, it's not really feasible and I'll make it  
Skippers (as I will if people don't email me today).

Last year we had Island Skippers which has a nice summery element  
about it. Excellent tasty bitter.

Oh, and please make sure you will be at the next social to pick it up  
or I will be frustrated since I'm carrying enough beer home already.


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