Anniversary Beer

James Laver james.laver at
Fri Jun 12 10:34:13 BST 2009

On 12 Jun 2009, at 09:31, James Laver wrote:
> Cases are of 12. If you have any number of complete cases, you get  
> to choose which beer you want for them. Please write to me off-list  
> indicating which of the bottle conditioned beers from 
>  you'd like (or those of you who've ordered multiple cases get  
> multiple choices)
> --James

Fortune smiles upon us as it transpires that we've got 12 cases on  
order, which means we can create mixed cases.

If you've ordered beer and want a taste of all the beers (with the  
exception of the pilsner), can you show your hand and I'll go ahead  
with manually creating mixed cases.

It'll probably look like this:

2 Island Skipper
2 Pale ale
1 Oyster
1 Monkey

per half-case.

I also finally called the brewery and got prices. £12.50 per 6  
bottles. 50p more expensive than last year. I'm sure we can cope with  


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