Big Geek Day Out: Bletchley Park 18th July

A Smith asmith9983 at
Mon Jun 15 12:50:50 BST 2009

I was there a couple of years ago. Its actually quite interesting when you
consider how this one place  probably kept GB from being over-run,
especially if doing things by grey matter rather than brute force  is your
forte.  To get to Bletchley Park, aim for Milton Keynes with its logical
criss-cross layout, and/or look for Bletchley railway station. The road to
Bletchley Park isn't obvious, to fool any German tourists!  All the signs
point the wrong way as in WWII, no they don't, but if you get lost, you can
tell your GF or wife that's the reason, not that you can't tell left from
right using your Tom Tom.
 The rebuilt decoding machine is interesting in that 1/2 works at 70V old
GPO standard, the other 1/2 120V US valve standard.  For any steam train
enthusiasts, the Nene Valley railway is nearby.
Andrew in Edinburgh

2009/6/15 Joel Bernstein <joel at>

> On 15 Jun 2009, at 10:21, Dave Cross wrote:
>  On 15/06/2009 10:14, Joel Bernstein wrote:
>> [ Trip to Bletchley Park ]
>>  What's there? What will you do?
>> You're kidding, right?
> I knew about the history but not that there was a museum.
> IRC has already enlightened me.
> Doesn't sound like something to take partners/girlfriends to. It sounds
> pretty boring.
> /joel

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