Big Geek Day Out: Bletchley Park 18th July

Christopher Jones c.jones at
Mon Jun 15 13:56:13 BST 2009

On 15 Jun 2009, at 12:50, A Smith wrote:

> For any steam train enthusiasts, the Nene Valley railway is nearby.
> --
> Andrew in Edinburgh

Maybe if you live in Edinburgh it might *seem* nearby...... but its  
actually about 60 miles and 90 minutes from Bletchley.

But well worth another Big Geek Day Out, as they've got the original  
Thomas the Tank Engine there. By coincidence, 19th July (i.e. the day  
after the Geeks hit Bletchley) is "Thomas's Big Adventure" for 2009 -  
the only day of the year the Fat Controller lets him pull a train the  
whole length of the Nene Valley line.


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