Managed hosting suppliers?

David Brownlee abs at
Thu Jul 2 00:40:32 BST 2009

On Wed, 1 Jul 2009, Casey West wrote:

> I'm quite happy with Slicehost:
> Linode was a sponsor of YAPC::NA this year, a fantastic sponsor, and many
> seem to be pleased with them:
> I don't know about UK based companies. The aforementioned, should it matter
> to you, are powered by Ruby and Perl, respectively.
 	Depending on the definition of 'Managed' - I've found panix (from $15)
 	pretty good for 'take care of all the hardware for me' xen DOMUs,
 	- they have all disks on RAIDed SANs and give you the option of
 	ten different linux, three BSD distros or Solaris

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